One of our first collaborations was with Cultiva Kenya, whereby we co-designed new uniforms for all of their staff, being the waiters, barmen and chefs. We also created custom made cutlery holders for each table, made from traditional

West African fabrics, to match their newly renovated design decor. When the exciting designs were complete,

we then moved on to creating custom kitchen cloths, using local natural fabrics, with the purpose of aiding the

proofing process of their sourdough breads.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the process of creativity and creation!


A first-of-its-kind silk fashion line made in Kenya. 

We worked with the designer to bring her designs to life through sampling and then production.

We were filled with pride as our rails filled up with a brand new clothing line in a range of colours and sizes.

A professional private chef wanted a functional working uniform that was unique to her brand.


What we created was a minimalistic chef jacket with a detailed blue stitch on the sleeves for a creative detail, with an apron clip behind the collar. This was paired with a matching minimalistic blue apron that matched her brand colours.


The outcome was a highly professional, unique look that equally matched the professionalism of Steph The Chef! 

Needless to say, many more order for aprons followed for restaurants locally and abroad, ceramic artists and koroga kings!

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We love what we do when what we do makes a difference!

Covid-19 has led to a surge in plastic pollution. With each single use facemask taking 450 years to decompose and 194 billion disposable masks and gloves being disposed worldwide each month, this number is building exponentially.

By producing reusable facemasks made to last, we can help reduce this. In addition to this, with every set of facemasks, a visor made from recycled plastic is then donated to a frontline worker in East Africa, made by Eco Brix, a charity addressing plastic pollution and creating employment. 

This is an ongoing project with namatovu that is very close to our hearts!

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The brief was to inject some FUNK into the current delivery uniforms, so that's exactly what we did!


Their casual pants were replaced with custom-made kitenge pants, each driver choosing their favourite print.

Paired with these new pants, we added a splash of kitenge detailing onto their current dust coats. 


Scroll through the pics to see the final product!