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What happens here?

We create, curate, and execute fabric designs
to bring you bespoke, custom pieces, at scale.

We are a sustainable space for turning textiles into something sew much more. A fabric workshop full of warmth that welcomes you and your ideas. A boutique one-stop-shop for one-off personal pieces or step-above-the-rest scalable production. 



We are a tailoring production partner that produces pieces on a small, medium and large scale. Whether it's uniforms, bedding or cushions for restaurants, hotels, exclusive clubs, luxury lodges and tour companies, or pilot samples for a new brand, or scalable production for an established brand - our workshop is setup to your needs.

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Personal Projects & Product Samples

From beautifully crafted bridesmaid dresses, to custom samples for companies looking to pilot before scaling; brief our designers and it's yours.

Fabric Restoration

If your best looks have taken a beating or your curtains had a run-in with the cat, we offer fabric restoration services to return them to their former glory.

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Our Portfolio

Get inspired by some of our past projects and clients.

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Our space to create

Our workshop is situated on an urban farm surrounded by the natural inspiration of fresh and vibrant vegetable gardens.

Find Inspiration

By scrolling through the Design Co-Lab Instagram

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